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EDucation to ACTIoN


Our mission is to empower young people to affect change in their community through design. Using the city as the classroom and connecting young people to real-world architects and planners, we foster the next generation of design professionals, civic leaders, and changemakers.  We advocate for increased inclusiveness, diversity, fellowship, equity, and excellence in design.  


project based activity


The camp guides students through all stages of design using thought provoking and fun exercises that keep them engaged. The design project encourages them to take into consideration broader cultural, social, and historical implications.  Students investigate through drawing and model building, analyze through diagramming, and engage through site visits.


Students that participate in the camps work closely with architects and designers to create the designs they would like to see in their communities. Not only do students create designs, but they are also connected with mentors in the architecture field to help guide their interests. For many students, Project Pipeline is their first introduction to the design world. By the program’s conclusion, students present a fully realized design project that advocates for change and addresses an issue in their city.



Middle school and high school students in the St. Louis area (both Illinois and Missouri residents). The camp is open to students of all backgrounds, but is geared towards providing students of color with the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of architecture and design.

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Note on donations and sponsorship:

We are accepting donations ongoing. Contributions via our Paypal link are not eligible for tax deduction. If you would like your donation to be eligible for a tax deduction based on 501(c)(3) status, please contact our chapter at for instructions prior to donating.


If a tax deduction is not an expectation, you are welcome to donate via our Paypal link.


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If you have interest in participating as a student, volunteer, sponsor or would like to get involved in any other way, please submit your contact information below.  We will announce when registration officially opens and update you with other 2023 camp information!
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