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Admo Ogun

Interim President / Treasurer


Admo Ogun graduated from the University of Greenwich in London, England with a Bachelor in Architecture degree with Honors. Since relocating to the US, he has been directly involved in impacting, transforming and shaping some of Saint Louis’ urban fabric.


He is currently a senior architect/partner at Atelier Design, an emerging firm focusing on architecture, master planning, and sustainable design. Mr. Ogun’s interest focuses on accessible and sustainable design and he believes every design task is a problem requiring an intelligent solution. His problem-solving abilities have been instrumental in the transformation of many projects, including the proposed rejuvenation of the Rock Road flea market into a major urban multi-purpose mixed-use development.


He is a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and serves on many
professional boards including the USGBC–MO Gateway chapter.


Why did you join NOMA?


I joined NOMA to promote Architecture and Design within my community. However, most importantly being a member of NOMA has made me an advocate to college students and younger professionals entering the field.
The yearly National Conferences has also helped me network and connect with other design professionals around the country.

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