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Djuan Jackson



Djuan Jackson is the owner of Jackson Designs Services, LLC.  His company primarily provides building surveys, verifying the existing conditions of building structures. He has a background as a project manager for retail and restaurant projects with much of his current clientele coming from these markets. Djuan's objective is to expand the services of his company upon licensure. Djuan is a native of St. Louis and alum of Washington University, earning his Bachelor of Technology in Architectural Technology.



Why did you join NOMA?


My involvement with NOMA began in 2009.  I began by attending general meetings, frequenting STLNOMA events, which transitioned into to my current leadership role. I credit much of my awareness of matters building my professional development to my involvement in NOMA.  Considering the need to improve diversity, particularly the disparity in the number of African American licensed architects, I recognize the importance of NOMA providing a network of support to those currently in the profession, as well as increasing visibility to attract more minorities to architecture.

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